Modeela COC Bara 2012 Muummee Afaan Ingiliiziif

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Modeela COC Bara 2012 Muummee Afaan Ingiliiziif

Modeela COC Bara 2012 Muummee Afaan Ingiliiziif

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ENG. Part I: Reading Passage
Early marriage is one of several harmful traditional practices toward women which are commonly practiced in several parts of the world. It is widely practiced in many parts of Ethiopia. The approximate percentage of women married in rural and urban areas before the age of 15 in four of  the regional states follow: 43% rural and 28% urban in Amhara, 27% rural and 19% urban in Tigray, 13% rural and 10% urban in Oromia, and 7% rural and 20% urban in SNNPR.

Parents often approve of their daughters being married when they are as young as 10 to 12 years of age even though the legal age for marriage in Ethiopia is 18. Marriage agreements even can take place at the age of between four to five years. Early marriage of girls is seen as a way to improve the economic status of the family through marriage since husbands often are very much older and financially more secure.
(Slightly adapted from ‘Cultural Marriage: 2002)

(Q. 1- 5) Based on the above text, choose the best answer from the given alternatives and write the letter of your choice on the answer sheet provided

Eng 1. 1. At what age do the parents agree on their daughters’ marriage?

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Eng 2. What is an appropriate title of the passage?

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Eng 3. According to the text, one of the following is true.

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Eng 4. ‘approve ‘ in paragraph 2 means:

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Eng 5. secure’ in paragraph 2 means:

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Eng 6. Why do you think students learn English language?

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Eng 7. Which is true about language learning?

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Eng 8. When teaching writing English alphabet (letter) “b” in grade one earliest lesson, the correct hand movement is described as ______________.

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Eng 9. Roba can communicate in English with anyone easily without going to school. He has worked in a British Embassy as a gardener for ten years. He developed his communication most probably by

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Eng 10. In the primary grades students could practice the English language more when________

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Eng 11. Hassan: How often do you visit your girlfriend?

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Eng 12. The streets are flooded as it_________ all day.

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Eng 13. Tola: Nice to meet you.
Tasfaye: _________

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Eng 14. The correct passive form for the sentence, “Once a week, Tola cleans the house”  is___________.

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Eng 15. In business letter writing, “Yours faithfully”, is normally placed at the __________ of the letter.

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Eng 16. Which one of the following can be the best topic sentence about my sister?

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Eng 17. Which of the following is a compound sentence?

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Eng 18. After you make students read the reading passage, what will you order them to do?

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Eng 19. I and ___are 2nd year regular students of Jimma College of Teacher Education.

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Eng 20. Derartu is a teacher; _____ teaches in Bale Zone.

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Eng 21. Which one of the following is not an example of complimenting others?

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Eng 22. If I____ rich, I would build a new house.

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Eng 23. If she studies hard, she_ ______the examination.

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Eng 24. That old man is still strong ______healthy.

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Eng 25. _____you finish the required courses, you will not graduate.

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Eng 26. Which of the following is marker of adding and relating ideas?

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Eng 27. _______she felt ill while running, Kume won the race.

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Eng 28. “Kuma is a college student, ______?” The tag question form of this sentence is

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Eng 29. Big‟ is to „huge‟ as „answer‟ is to______ .

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Eng 30. Soressa must be a book________. Reading several books gives him pleasure.

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Eng 31. Our teacher didn‟t want us to read for the details, he told us to find only the gist of
the passage. The underlined word means _________.

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Eng 32. Discussion in pairs/groups may help the students to enhance their confidence in speaking and share their ideas freely in a relaxed manner. The meaning of the underlined word is:

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Eng 33. Jote, our neighbor has introvert personality. He doesn‟t like to talk much with
people and wants to keep everything in secret. The opposite of the underlined word is

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Eng 34. When students want to study, _____ should try to find quiet places.

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Eng 35. Teacher: Where are you from?

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Eng 36. After he________ breakfast, he left the house and went to the office.

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Eng 37. I_______ my parents tomorrow since there is no class.

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Eng 38. The news surprised the man. It was________ news.

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Eng 39. He is a hardworking man. When changed “yes/no question” forms, it will be;

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Eng 40. Reading is best defined as ______________.

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Eng 41. Normally reading your course modules, exercise books, short notes for passing the examination is more of ________________.

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Eng 42. Text-based reading in which letters to sounds and sounds to syllables and syllables decoded to words is:

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Eng 43. Readers predict what a text is about based on ______________.

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Eng 44. In English language reading the readers‟ eyes normally move from

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Eng 45. The more we know words, the more we develop our level of understanding and communication and are vice-versa. Because of this, it is possible to say that words are pillars of our daily communication. The underlined word‟s meaning is:

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Eng 46. The best combination of the sentences, „He is an English teacher. He doesn‟t like to speak English.‟ is_________

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Eng 47. Kuma said, “I am working in the garden.” If you report this after some time (later) it will be____________________.

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Eng 48. “There are three major causes of obesity in childhood.” The above topic sentence idea is developed as_____________.

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Eng 49. The correct form of “recall she my name didn’t.” is

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Eng 50. Which one of the following is the correct order (steps) of the writing process?

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Eng 51. _______is not a major problem in the process of listening.

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Eng 52. In listening, a problem of vocabulary choice is in the hand of the______________.

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Eng 53. Which of the following is not the characteristic of effective listening technique?

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Eng 54. The purpose of listening is_____________.

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Eng 55. Tariku: The weather in Burayu is very cold. I don‟t know what to do?

Beka: ___________________________

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Eng 56. Jitu: Excuse me. Where is Jimma hospital located?
Jemila: ____________. I am stranger myself.

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Eng 57. Sara: Would you please lend me some money?
Chaltu: _______________, I have no money at the moment.

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Eng 58. Susan: Is Peter a teacher?
James: ____. He teaches in Ambo preparatory school.

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Eng 59. Which of the following techniques is not very advisable to teach vocabulary?

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Eng 60. What do you think the presenter should remind his audience when giving oral presentation?

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Eng 61. Which one of the following words can be taught using miming (action) easily?

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Eng 62. Which one of the following activities develops „Interpersonal ‟relationship?

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Eng 63. Which one is advisable way of increasing students‟ motivation in learning English?

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Eng 64. ______entails conscious process of language development whereas ______is unconscious process.

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Eng 65. Which of the following is not a technique of adapting language activities?

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Eng 66. When language activities are designed;

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Eng 67. When do we need to adapt language activities?

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Eng 68. When an activity is prepared,

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Eng 69. Which one of the following is not an appropriate strategy to learn a word?

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Eng 70. Which of the following is a good way of teaching a word when it has many meanings and are used in different situations?

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Eng 71. In the process of teaching and learning vocabulary, adding morphemes to a base word and getting a new word can be an example of_____________.

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Eng 72. Which of the following is modern and effective way of teaching vocabulary?

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Eng 73. Which particular reading sub-skill is being used if the reader is asked to analyze
and identify the writer‟s intention behind the passage?

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Eng 74. Which one of the following reading strategies is usually followed by study activities?

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Eng 75. Activities performed in a while reading phase include______________.

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Eng 76. One of the following is not the purpose of reading?

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Eng 77. Deductive approach of teaching grammar has a sense of moving from____________.

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Eng 78. Grammar can be taught using_______________.

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Eng 79. Which of the following teaching aids can be used better to teach the comparative „big‟  and „bigger‟ effectively?

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Eng 80. Which of the following activities should the teacher show to beginner students in teaching writing?

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Eng 81. Which of the following is the correct order of teaching writing from lower to higher levels?

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Eng 82. Top-down listening strategy include:

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Eng 83. In which of the following listening stage/phase/ is intensive listening used?

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Eng 84. Which of the following is a common difficulty that our students face in speaking?

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Eng 85. Giving a concluding remarks and thanking listeners might be performed in__________.

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Eng 86. Which of the following strategy is good for intensive reading?

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Eng 87. The best strategy for teaching dialogue is____

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Eng 88. When students are given group works/pair works,

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Eng 89. Progress test is different from summative tests in that progress test _____________.

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Eng 90. Summative tests are ______________.

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Eng 91. Continuous assessment can be given in a form of ______________.

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Eng 92. At what time does the teacher give continuous assessments for students?

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Eng 93. Story–telling technique best enhances __________ language skill.

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Eng 94. Which of the following factors has a strong impact on students‟ English learning?

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Eng 95. If a student likes to learn English by listening to people speaking on Tv, radio, she/he has ____________ intelligence type.

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Eng 96. Reading disability may be characterized by:

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Eng 97. Which of the following social assumption is true?

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Eng 98. Which of the following is not true about language learning?

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Eng 99. A lower grade grammar teaching task where the teacher asks and a student responds, and teacher approves the answer is known as________________ interaction.

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Eng 100. Which of the following sentences best describes the traditional English language teaching approach used in Ethiopia?

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Eng 101. Which theory takes language learning to be a habit formation?

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Eng 102. May I ______________ myself, my name is Wong. _________________, Mr. Wong. I am Merima.

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Eng 103. Which pronouns go in to the following sentence? My sister cut _____ hand when ______ was chopping cabbage.

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Eng 104. A grammar teaching method that is currently recommended by educators is

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Look at the ways these four teachers introduce a grammar lesson and do question number 105.
Teacher A: modal auxiliaries are may, will, can, must, shall
Teacher B: modal auxiliaries are used to ask for permission, to express ability, etc
Teacher C: look at this conversation and identify the functions of modal auxiliaries
Teacher D: “Ought to” is used to express moral obligation
Eng 105. Which teacher used a method that is believed to develop students’ communicative grammar skill?

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Eng 106. In a communicative class room, the teacher‟s role is to ____ ________________.

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Eng 107. In a student centered classroom, a teacher is expected to do all except____________

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Eng 108. One of the following words does not describe the different types of learning styles students bring to classroom.

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Eng 109. Classroom language activities should meet the needs of

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Eng 110. A student who does not take a lot of notes in the classroom but remembers what is said is

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Eng 111. They watched a film and at the end they got the film ___________________.

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Eng 112. If a teacher takes a printed material as source of teaching listening, which form of presentation should he/she use?

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Eng 113. ____________ is Gambella from Addis Ababa? Which form completes the sentence?

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Eng 114. Every Yekatit 12, people gather around a statue at Sidist kilo to __________ victims of the day.

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Eng 115. One of the following distinguishes good readers

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Eng 116. Halima is a college student. This time she is going to see her grade from the college‟s notice board. Which reading strategy should she use to find her I.D number among the ones listed on the board?

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Eng 117. Which one of the following can be presented as a pre-reading activity?

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Eng 118. In a post reading stage, a teacher can ask students to

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Eng 119. After she ___________ the report, she submitted to the boss.

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Eng 120. When reading to learn, students need to follow

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Eng 121. While teaching reading and comprehending, a teacher should

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Eng 122. Reading comprehension questions should be practiced

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Eng 123. If a teacher has a listening text about animals, which of the following questions can he/she ask during the pre-listening phase?

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Eng 124. The best lesson topic to teach present tense in an intermediate class could be

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Eng 125. One of the following can be a communicative topic to teach the present perfect tense

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Eng 126. What is the main purpose of pre-reading classroom activities?

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Eng 127. Which one of the following is true about student readers?

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Eng 128. Miss Tigist usually jumps writing activities in English lessons. She said that her students do not have any interest or motivation to learning writing. What would you do if your students showed the same resistance to writing?

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Eng 129. What is the error in this student written sentence? “Usually tired from carrying heavy materials.”

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Eng 130. Which of the following sentences talks about one‟s experience?

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Eng 131. How can we correct this sentence? “People pushed the car down the street old.”

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Eng 132. Which one of the following sentences is correctly written?

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Eng 133. Which word completes this sentence? “My sister likes swimming, riding and ______ books.”

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Eng 134. _____Tura write the letters last week?

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Eng 135. While you are explaining a topic in the classroom, a student says something in the middle of your talk and you do not like that. How do you tell your feeling to the student?

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Eng 136. Teacher Sara is a Grade five English language teacher. She brought corn, barely, rice and wheat to the classroom to teach words related to cereals. Which method did she use to teach vocabulary?

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Eng 137. The method that is easy to teach words like happy, thirsty, angry, exhausted is

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Eng 138. At what time should a teacher use translation as a method to teach vocabulary?

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Eng 139. Identify what type of writing exercise the following is Use and or but to join the following sentences. My mother speaks English perfectly. She knows little Italy.

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Eng 140. I am going to give you a group work. Now, make a group ______ six.

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Eng 141. Which method is appropriate to teach words like malaria, cold soar, cholera, hepatitis and the related ones?

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Eng 142. What vocabulary skill can be developed by teaching or learning words like unable, suitable, forgettable, tolerance, acceptance, importance?

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Eng 143. Which one of the following words is best taught through miming?

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Eng 144. Which one of the following skills can be developed in one English lesson?

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Eng 145. One of the following is not the main purpose of reading

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Eng 146. If Tolosa is 25 years old, and Chaltu is 31 years old, we can deduce that

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Eng 147. If you teach had better…/ should have…/could have… in a Grade eight class, which of the following topics do you write on the board?

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Eng 148. Which verb is appropriate to complete the following conversation?
A: I have got a stomachache all the day?
B: I think you should _________ a doctor.

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Eng 149. Bona: _________old are you, Heyi?
Heyi: I‟m twenty-two years old.

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Eng 151. If one reads an advertisement of a commodity from a newspaper, what could be the purpose for reading it?

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Eng 152. Which reading strategy can be effectively used if one wants general information from a text?

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Eng 153. In a controlled to free writing approach

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Eng 154. If a teacher asks students to think of whom they write for and how they write, and to be engaged in pre-writing, drafting and editing stages, which writing approach is he or she following?

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Eng 155. Teacher Sirgut entered in to a Grade seven class and asked students to write everything they had in mind. She told them to write a lot as much as they could without worrying about grammar or spelling errors. Which approach did she use in her class?

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Eng 156. Which one of the following sentences is correct?

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Eng 157. Teacher Hailu had a reading lesson. Before he got students read a passage, he wrote questions taken from the passage on the black board and asked students to copy them on t o their exercise books. He, then, explained the content of the passage and ordered the students to read it and answer the questions. If you were teacher Hailu, how would you teach your reading lesson?

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Eng 158. All but one of the following strategies are recommended as the best ways to develop one‟s own vocabulary skill.

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Eng 159. Which one of the following vocabulary learning techniques is always reliable?

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Eng 160. Words like, Small-tiny, hate-dislike, heavy-difficult, inform- notify, can be studied as

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Eng 161. Which of the following topics is more appropriate in a Grade six writing lesson?

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Eng 162. What is the subject of the sentence? Most of the students are taken to the football field.

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Eng 163. One of the following can be taken as an effective English lesson plan objective. At the end of the lesson, students will be able to

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Eng 164. Which of the following modal auxiliaries is appropriate to use in the sentence?
You __________ obey and support your old parents.

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Eng 165. One of the most important features classroom speaking activities need to reflect is

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Eng 166. Look at this mother-child talk and decide on the appropriate language to be used on the blank space.
Mother: Why did you lie to me, son?
Child: ______________________.

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Do questions 167-169 from the information you get in the following short paragraph

Human activity has always yielded to the pressure of different chemical substances that eventually caused irreparable damage. Finding the cure from the damage obtained was the next step. And it seems that only now, when the number of the diseases caused by different substances has reached its peak, people have finally understood that the best cure is the prevention of any forms of substance abuse.
Eng 167. If you teach reading with the paragraph, which of the following questions can you ask in the pre-reading phase?

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Eng 168. At what stage of the reading lesson can this activity be done? “Write few sentences about a person you know suffered from dangerous substances like

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Eng 169. Which method is effective to teach the emboldened words in the above paragraph?

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Read the following short paragraph and respond to questions 170-173
Alcohol is one of the most destructive substances. It is the companion of any significant event occurring in the life of modern people or even an everyday way to relax and get away from all the difficulties. People relax and forget that they are supposed to think not only about their health but also about the health of the people around them. This especially concerns women, as they are the ones to deliver the next generation into the world. A woman’s organism is a lot more influenced by any external chemical influences and alcohol becoming woman’s frequent companion becomes a real threat for the health of the nation.

Eng 170. Which of the following sentences describes the main idea of the paragraph?

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Eng 171. Companion means _____________

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Eng 172. Complete the following sentence with one of the words written in bold in the paragraph. Post offices recruit persons who _____________ mails and stuff to individuals and companies.

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Eng 173. Pairs of words that can be taken as synonyms are

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Eng 174. If a teacher frequently addresses demanding questions to boys than girls, what is the gap in his or her practice?

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Eng 175. Student Biruk is a deaf student in a grade eight class. He has to attend every class with the other students who are not in his condition, and he has to sit for the same exams. How can teachers make their class inclusive and increase the participation of Biruk in the lessons?

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Eng 176. Which of the following sentences correctly reports this question? “What happened to Mustafa today?”

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Eng 177. One of the following sentences is written in a correct grammar

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Eng 178. Complete the following sentence with one of the words given in the options. In many countries, heavy rain with storm ___________ houses and

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Eng 179. Which word can grammatically complete the following sentence? Our fathers and forefathers ________ the battle in Adwa many years ago.

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Eng 180. When taking attendance, a teacher can say one of the following sentences

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Eng 181. Chaltu always _________to school.

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Eng 182. Read the following Teacher-Student conversation and choose the appropriate feedback from the given options
Teacher: Which form do we use in this sentence? Many items are __________ (sell) in super markets.
Student: Selling
Teacher: __________________

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Eng 183. Which relative pronoun goes in to the following sentence? People _____________ are infected with bilharzias live a miserable life.

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To answer questions number 184-187, read the following conversation and choose the correct wh- word that complete the talks.
Martha: Hello, Dad.
Dad: Good morning, Martha. __1_______ are you today?
Martha: Fine, thanks.
Dad: I didn‟t know you came home last night. _____2______ time did you come in?
Martha: About 3:00 O‟clock.
Dad: _____3________ have you been?
Martha: I have been in Beth‟s house
Dad: I received a letter from Dawit yesterday. He says he is coming to Hawasa.
Martha: __4________ does he come here?
Dad: Because he is going to study in Hawasa University.
Eng 184. Which word can be used in number 1?

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Eng 185. The word that completes the sentence in number 2 is_________

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Eng 186. Which word shall we use in number 3 of the talk?

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Eng 187. The question in number 4 can be completed with the word _________

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Eng 188. Which clause finishes the following sentence correctly? If you want to pass the exam, __________________.

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Look at the following conversation between a teacher and a student, and answer question number 189 and 190.
Teacher: Why are you sleeping, Selam? Are you tired?
Selam: Yes, I am tired and thirsty. May I go out and drink water?
Eng 189. What is the purpose of Selam to use the modal auxiliary May?

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Eng 190. From Selam‟s words, we can say that

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Three out of the four sentences in questions number 191-194 are wrongly written except one. Identify the one that is grammatically acceptable.
Eng 191.

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Eng 192.

192 / 199

Eng 193.

193 / 199

Eng 194.

194 / 199

Eng 195. Which of the following sentences expresses prohibition?

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Eng 196. Which form puts obligation? Next week is exam time. You ___________ finish revising the lessons

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Eng 197. Which modal can be used to express ability in this sentence? If a parrot is trained, it _________ imitate or speak like humans.

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Eng 198. Which of the following languages can be used to express a good wish for a holiday?

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Eng 199. In teaching English language for your students, on which one do you focus most?

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Eng 200. The teacher breaks a paragraph of five sentences and gives each sentence to different students. Students then come together and reconstruct the paragraph. This type of activity is known as _______________________________.

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